What do I know about boxing?


   1 Week to go. Still don’t know why am I doing it, but hey! I am moving on with my preparations. Next session today. Money is short, but motivation is great.

So what do I know about boxing? I think I heard that one before. I am an Architect. I don’t box. I don’t beat or fight people. I don’t event raise my voice nor pulses. My heart speeds up only when running, you know it from my other page. So why do I box? It started in 1989, I guess. My dad signed me up for Karate lessons. Just to keep me in shape, good physio. I feared the coach, so I skipped each session going back home on foot to make up the gym time. It took me 3 hours to get back no matter the weather. Cold, rain or pitch dark – I walked. Than I started to run. Back home I watched these crazy Chinese Kung-Fu movies where people fly and walls fall after just a single punch. So here I am.

Well, not really. I skipped the major part. I need to go back to 1980. I was 3 when Bruce Lee took my world by force. Litterally I got affected so much I acted like the guy. Moved like him, making same faces, same reactions, simply I was running a genuine implementation of all kind of Bruce Lee’s behaviors into my little life. I punched the walls, climbed the furniture, jumped every bed I got my foot onto trying my high kicks. I mean, it was so crazy I started fight other kids at school. I got confident to the point I thought Bruce Lee is watching my back at all times! Yeah, I know! Tell me about it. Thanks to this I had no fear challenging guys many years older than me. I had bruises, black eyes, injuries. I wanted to prove myself rightfulness. Because winning each fight was like proving its right. Winning was a virtue. Proof of identity.

When I reached 12 I already was pushing myself to the extremes. By 14 I was winning every street fight I got into. Sometimes started without any particular reason. I did’t know anything about boxing back than. It was more like “gut feeling” kick and punch. Than – my dad signed me up for Karate lessons where the coach kicked all his pupils right into a stomach for not performing well enough. Fucking bastard. That’s why I was skipping his tortures. He would’ve been a good “sensei”, but mentor he never was! So after 1 year my dad took me to a different school – Kung-Fu Wushu. Famous Shaolin kick-ass style I fell in love right away; I wanted to go for Bruce Lee’s one – Kung-Fu Wing Chun, but there was no class in my city supporting this style so… anyway. I was happy. I could finally kick high and punch straight. My knuckles became like stones. I could’ve make 30 push-ups against the wall – up side down. I started to enjoy the real – Martial Arts.

 … So what do I know about boxing? I know shit. For me boxing is an excuse for complex personalities: “Simple strategies for complex people“. And I agree to it. Boxing is very different than anything I did in the past. But what makes me want to do it is connection of ideas about its philosophy which if you are passionate enough about it, you’ll on the same page with life “explorers” I want to share this world with. If boxing is art, I’m game. And if this game is challenge, I’m a gambler.

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