It’s not my business.

   2 Days to go. Wednesday. Weather’s good. Feeling well. But something is still not right. Although I love the entire process of getting ready I still have to pay for my participation plus PT sessions and all boxing classes.

 It makes me f*** upset when martial arts you so in love with instead of being classified as “Art” are being so often money caramelized. I am very old school. It’s not news. It was always like that. War is business and fighting is money too – I know. Same as entertainment and WCB is just a play – we’re rolling the show! I must be a sleep walker, day dreamer! I am wrecked when it comes to money. Especially when I have to pay for something I am so passionate about.

This argument does not make any sense to me. Or does it? In order to participate in White Collar Boxing you need to raise £625, but this fairy story doesn’t ends there. Well, consider yourself wealthy enough. You could release few quid outta your wallet and you’re done. But if you’re not a “charity magician” – you need to work hard to sell 25 tickets worth £25 each – before… ‘Ze Germans come‘. And you need to do so rather quickly or you’ll get sacked. Proper sacked?

So you love boxing and you need to compete. You do research about it – Google and boom. So you’re writing the email to the host, you’re “getting the place” and contract to sign. Blah blah blah”These words sound good to me! – contract signed. You’re more than sure selling tickets is easy and will take less than a week. You still got 4 moths! Wrong! You got just 4 months. Don’t forget your’e working every day, don’t let yourself go with these boxing session you still need to pay for! Still plenty of time? Let’s do PT, running, diet, other stuff to do not less important than a family. Unless you’re cold feet walking bastard – a mustard eating puppet master who loves hate and ignorance. The time is short and pressure is taking over.

I’m not a ticket office! I just want to fight!

Well son, you can’t. Unless you will sell all your tickets you can’t. The perfect business model for WCB is to sell all the tickets you agreed to – no exceptions. It really doesn’t matter if other guys from your WCB team asking for the extra ones, you still have to sell yours! So the journey continuous. My first 4 tickets I sold to myself. Hey, it’s nice to give them away – a good gesture. I sold 2 to my friend next day. Business was improving. I sold another one, 7 in total with big 18 to go! Than there were 4 again with a week ahead with no arranged sales. After 3 weeks I sold 1 more. The boxing camp started in January and by the end of February and I still had 12 tickets in my back pocket – deeply concerned. I started to let this go as I knew this is not the milestone I need to be worried so much about. Boxing is more important and I have focused on my mean preparations. Sparring sessions, boxing bag, jumping rope, gym, running, personal training and classes. I forgot about the tickets for nearly 3 weeks. It was quite a relief. With no will to bother any longer I found this new assignment as a salesman quite fun. I started to talk to the people and found few guys who got interested in seeing the event. But the biggest help came from the most unexpected source. (…)

It is really interesting how the WCB process helps you to meet other people. Few boxing camp’s were frustrating and I found some very chaotic – skipped few. After nearly 4 months I have gained social values and learned skills and I haven’t expected to learn at all. That’s worth something. The way WCB is making money is not something I would agree with. The process is painful. The game is trying to make you rather than help you, but – by the end of play – it’s not my business.

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