Friday the 20th – Before the Match

   Although I tried, I could not put all my emotions into a single post on the fight day. I was in the ‘ZONE’ since Thursday, trying to stay tuned into the fighting tunes and rhythms. I had my last boxing session day before, on the 19th. Coach advised I should stay away from the gym – I should, but I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if I am ready for tomorrow then cos – I wanted more. The last punch. I needed to stay between the boxing bag and the mirror shadowing my movements. Only then I could gain a bit of confidence thought I was lacking day before the fight. I was searching for the motivation to fight all my fears. To gain yet another layer of toughness, the spear of courage. I knew I’m ready, but in the back of my head I had this very small, almost at the atom scale element of wonder. I was purposely falling into unknown. What if?

My thoughts and opinions: You can learn from many fighters, those who fought in the past and those who fight today – loosing is is a virtue, not an option. But this is a boxing match – draw is considered as a fake score, you both loose. True winner is only one. Always defined by the audience, each individual thought – observed – favorite. All fighters know how much effort we have to put to the show to make it excellent, legendary, worth remembering. Showing up and going down in the first round will not only make you look bad, but the entire show will lack the spark. Going down is very easy. All you have to do is to pretend you’re lost or dead. Making to the end requires energy you’re getting from the hard work!

Fighting 3 rounds 2 minutes each is proved very difficult, fighting three rounds at full speed – can be demanding for the guy like myself, who spends all day at the office desk. I know boxing is not my profession. I don’t do boxing for living yet I have been preparing myself towards very different than other moments of my – full of extreme wonders life. When I say – fighting at full speed it’s not probably just punching as fast and accurate as you can. These are body lateral movements, foot work, deep squats – everything you thought you can do, but during the fight it can betray your wits standing far beyond your fitness capacity: What I do is exercise negative thinking; Should turn the table and stop wonder. I must find my own ways where no stress nor pressure can take my strength away. Maybe with my eyes closed – maybe? Try away from people. Maybe I should walk my mind away from tonight’s event and switch to a fun mood. My breath gets shallow so I breathe really deep now. Listening motivation speeches helps. Downloaded from the internet creations does the job for greater understanding about how far are you from being perfect. Maybe these guys know how to tackle the psycho-opponent or I maybe shouldn’t listen to this any more. The fight didn’t started and I feel like fighting already!

Am I ready for the challenge? Am I ready to withstand all the punches the other guy will throw at me? Am I ready to send some myself? Am I relaxed and cool?

I will see in a minute, three or six.

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