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Immortal – Into the ringside

   I really would love to tell you as much as I remember from the fight, but I don’t think it’ll be easy. I will do my best. Please bear in mind that this particular post is dedicated to those who didn’t experienced White Collar Challenge – as yet. This is a reflection of my own experience and […]

Friday the 20th – Before the Match

   Although I tried, I could not put all my emotions into a single post on the fight day. I was in the ‘ZONE’ since Thursday, trying to stay tuned into the fighting tunes and rhythms. I had my last boxing session day before, on the 19th. Coach advised I should stay away from the gym […]

It’s not my business.

   2 Days to go. Wednesday. Weather’s good. Feeling well. But something is still not right. Although I love the entire process of getting ready I still have to pay for my participation plus PT sessions and all boxing classes. … It makes me f*** upset when martial arts you so in love with instead of being classified as “Art” are […]

What do I know about boxing?

   1 Week to go. Still don’t know why am I doing it, but hey! I am moving on with my preparations. Next session today. Money is short, but motivation is great. … So what do I know about boxing? I think I heard that one before. I am an Architect. I don’t box. I don’t beat […]